Known to be a theme and seasonal park, Upper Clement Parks is mainly situated in Upper Clements, in Nova Scotia of Canada. This is being operated by a community and non-profit based group called “The Upper Clements Parks Society”.

Apart from it, this is mainly composed of two different parks; “Upper Clements Adventure Park” and “Upper Clements Theme Park”. This is open to visitors and guests on a daily basis that starts from June until September. This park has two roller coasters (with one as a water coaster), attractions and forty rides.


In 1989, the park is opened for the fun and enjoyment of the many visitors. However, in 2007, the park was obtained by Upper Clements Parks Society. As mentioned, it is featuring over forty rides and tourist attractions.

An adventure park is introduced in the year of 2012. This actually replaced the wildlife park that features fourteen zip lines and forty-three obstacles along bridges. All these helped in making a natural and beautiful setting.

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Adventure Park- Something New in Upper Clement Park

Situated west of the Annapolis Royal, this is the newest adventure park that is part of the Upper Clement Park. This is fantasized by both adults and children for being one of the biggest amusement parks. This is an exciting addition for fun and enjoyment, making it the best attraction.

It opened on the fifteenth month of June, 2011. As per the opening dates, they usually differ from usual schedules. For tourists, they may check for the hours and days of operation as they decide to drop by.

For sure, kids will be interested in trying the most exciting carousel and bumper boats. It is surely going to be fun and enjoyable for the friends and whole family. Apart from it, this adventure park offers the best experience among other parks. This is professionally built and designed, along thirty challenging courses and fourteen zip lines. There are also elevated bridges that make way for an exciting and fun visit. You also have the chance to move from one tree to another through the natural and beautiful forested setting.

With almost thirty attractions and rides, live entertainment and delicious dining, this is surely a perfect place for enjoyment and fun under the sun. It can be a thrilling idea t5o try the treetop rollercoaster or making a good splash in the huge flume. This is fun not only for the young ones, but even for the adults.

Tree Climbing

Although tree climbing interests only some, others are still interested in doing it on parks. Upper Clement Parks is promoting for this activity to be fun and fantastic. This is something to enjoy at the park, for adults and young alike.

Feeling like a kid is possible while climbing on the top of the tree and enjoying the view. As there are forty-three stations and fourteen zip lines, there are lots of trees to climb on to cherish and relive the beautiful childhood experiences.

It is best to bring your mother for her not to miss this chance of seeing you climbing the trees. Better yet, call your friends and start on climbing the trees together.

Zip Lining for Awesome Guests

For the previous weekends, the weather was exciting and incredible. Zip lining is great for awesome guests at the Upper Clements Park. Since this is one of the most famous activities to venture, Adventure Park mainly offers this for the ultimate satisfaction of the guests.

In zip lining, the mechanisms that are being used are platforms and steel cable. They are strongly made and fastened at different heights and trees. For those who might want to experience zip lining, this is the best adventure for it makes one feel better. This only means that all the fears in the heart are taken away. This activity that is being offered at the park is secure and safe. The management does not leave the guests worrying at all; they may also get deeper in the beautiful areas.

It can also be a good experience for this adrenaline rush adventure. Upper Clement Parks is the perfect place of throwing all your fears and enjoying it more. This is a good adventure to try and go out with. There are also instructions and support that are being provided.

For this year, there were many guests who have tried zip lining. There are soon to be many participants that may take time in planning and enjoying this activity. The time for the activity is mainly four hours that you must bring for water bottle, closed toe shoes, bug spray, dress, sunscreen and the like. Although they already provide for the safety gear, it may still be safe to bring for one. They also provide for training and orientation session in being ready for a day of fun and adventure.

The Adventure Park as the Perfect Place for Summer Getaway for Couple, Family and Friends

With bounds and leaps, the adventure park is a perfect thrill among couples, friends and family. Despite a terrific weather, staying at the park is still great and fun. It is just right to call for reservations because of the many pleasures and excitements.

It is best to invite the whole group and try out the fun climbing and zip line. You just don’t know how great it is to try the many exciting challenges that await you at Upper Clements Parks. Even if it is going to be your first time in visiting the park, there are experienced guides that will help you.

The guides are also equipped with the right and safe equipments. There is also a training course that makes you start the whole fun and enjoyment.

The Adventure Park is actually open for the week and weekends. Do not forget to try the eight pay and ten play promotion for making a fun and enjoyable visit at Upper Clements Park. The whole family and friends are going to enjoy this once-in-a lifetime experience at Upper Clements Park!