3 Reel Online Slot Machine Tips

Many online casinos, of course, have a large variety of available games to play, but none are more prolific as slots have become. In particular, 3 reel slots have become the most fun and popular version of this type of game; here we will take a look at some tips for enjoying this exciting game of chance.

General Background – Online Slot Machine

Although a 3 reel slot machine is similar to other gambling games in the sense that it needs to have a random number generator, the randomness frequency generators are much, much more intricate. Dice or shuffling of cards, on the other hand, have fewer random variations due to limitations. In fact, the unpredictability generated by the 3 reel slot system is by itself way too good at its job, to make sure that the reels don’t just simply spin irregular patterns with no win’s for all they have made it so that certain winning combinations of symbols would appear more often, thus ensuring an enjoyable experience.

The randomness of the 3 reel slot machine also means that there is no sure fire method or way to beat the system, this allows the user to experience the pure joy of unexpected good fortune and be assured that their winnings are the will of the stars. This number generating puts to bed the old myth that some gamblers may have that the slot machines go through ‘hot & cold’ cycles, paying more, one day, and less on another day for example.

Features of 3 Reel Online Slots

Due to the various different graphic styles and animations that may accompany a 3 reel slot machine game, there is also a multitude of different ways that these games can be played.

You can find multi-line slots, although a single line slot or pay line is more widely found, mainly due to the seemingly more simplistic (and old fashioned) look and feel. There is a vast range of different bonus rounds and payments across these wonderful games; some offering progressive jackpots.

You will also find fixed pay line online slot machines, where you will be playing all the available pay lines in the game; if this is not your cup of tea then you can use a 3 reel slot machine that has variable pay line options, meaning you can play a line as you see fit.

Handy Tips on How to Play an Online Slot Machine

A common misconception that some people may have, is that the more you bet, the better your chances of winning. Although the payout will be substantially more if your initial bet was larger, the size of the bet still does not affect the chance or odds of the reels spinning in your favour. This applies to a fixed pay line; however you can spread your bet over multiple pay lines as well, which increase your odds, but not by much.

Payouts from the different 3 reel online slot machines differ of course; the standard straight reel slot machine has a set payout figure that remains the same irrespective of amount of spins or money inserted; however you will find the possibility of a higher payout on a progressive machine where the amount you will receive increases in line with how much money is placed into it; this means the machine has a certain threshold that is tripped when the progression has built up.

It is always wise to remember that the overall payout margin or house edge, as it’s more commonly known, is in effect when you are enjoying slots. This means that there is a limit placed on the overall winnings over a period of time, this figure is usually 95-98% and set by the casinos themselves. What this means is that over a long enough period you will, despite winning, only recuperate 95-98% of your money. However, the big win is still to be had by those lucky few, and there are many a success story of gamblers winning millions after just a few revolutions of the reels.